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Cincinnati Spray Wash - Soft wash pressure washing Cincinnati House Cleaning

With Spray Wash Cincinnati‘s surface treatment and cleaning system, we can clean your home’s exterior surfaces without the blowing and blasting traditionally associated with pressure washing.

With our unique soft washing process you do not have to stress about water waste, disruptive sounds, surface damage and the high fossil fuel usage related to pressure or power washing. Cincinnati Spray Wash guarantees fantastic results and a 99.9% success rate over mold, fungi, algae, bacteria and moss with the use of SoftWash System’s highly effective 100% biodegradable, non-hazardous chemical cleaning system. Soft washing also lasts up to 6x longer than the standard pressure wash.

Soft Washing Process Includes:

  • Exclusive SoftWash Systems low-pressure cleaning with a 100% eco-friendly treatment
  • Safe and gentle cleaning: 40 psi compared to 4000 with a power washer
  • Entire surface is sprayed with our SoftWash solution – eliminating mold, algae, mildew and sanitizing surfaces of diseases and irritants
  • Surfaces stay clean 4-6x longer than with pressure washing or other low-pressure options
  • Plants and property are thoroughly rinsed and secured during the SoftWash treatment
Cincinnati Spray Wash - Soft wash pressure washing Cincinnati House Cleaning

When you trust your home to us, you can count on:

Does My Home Need Soft Washing?

There are a lot of surfaces on your home and residential property that can benefit from our specialized soft washing service including your roof, house siding, awnings, decks, outdoor patios, patio covers, fences, driveways, pathways, garage door, etc.

If you have a surface that is faded, filthy, drab or stained, think about soft washing prior to repainting or resurfacing. A good cleaning can restore your home’s look and make your surfaces look as good as new.

Reasons to Soft Wash Your House

There are so many reasons to choose soft washing over pressure washing for your house’s exterior surfaces, 

  • It treats the root problem
    Your residential property isn’t just dirty – it’s contaminated. Normal pressure washing simply gets rid of the outer layer of this development and doesn’t solve the root of the problem, leaving your surface vulnerable again not long after pressure washing is completed.
  • No damage from pressure
    Inadequately trained or inexperienced power washers can cause severe damage to a range or surfaces such as your roof or deck, specifically if they are older to begin with.
  • More sustainable cleaning method
    Pressure washers use from 3 to 8 gallons of water per minute (gpm). In one hour of cleaning a pressure washer can utilize from 180 gallons upwards to 480 gallons of water. Soft washing only uses 60 gallons of cleaning solution, which is comprised of about 40 gallons of water.

Power Washing Fence in Cincinnati

When you first install a wooden fence, it can be a beautiful addition to your home. Keeping children and pets where they need to be while limiting the access neighborhood dogs and cats have to your yard, a fence can be the difference between a peaceful existence and a frustrating situation.

But over time that beautiful fence can start to look dingy and damaged. Tree sap, insects, dirt and mud, and mold and mildew can all begin to degrade wood, reduce its natural beauty, and decrease the overall value of your home.

  • If the water pressure is too high, pressure washers can etch wood, or even take out chunks of the material.

  • While fences generally can be washed by just water, if there have been animal sprays or other issues with the wood, a cleanser may be necessary.
  • Working with an experience technician means that the power washing will be completed efficiently and well the first time.
  • You will avoid damage to your fence which would be expensive to repair. Repairing a fence board by board can also leave a noticeable difference between boards, which can be unappealing to the eye.

Power Washing Deck in Cincinnati

If you’ve ever tried to power wash a deck on your own, you know that this task is nothing like as easy as professionals make it look. Too often, amateur DIY-ers use water pressure on their deck that is much too high, and instead of washing off the dirt, tree sap, and environmental pollution, they remove chunks of wood and etch the boards. Remember, some power washers emit water at as much as 4000 psi. If you aren’t sure how to handle the pressure washer, you will do your deck more damage than good.

  • Experience with a wide variety of deck materials
  • We will talk to you to find the very best solution for your specific deck, and make sure that the deck is washed without incurring additional damage.
  • Pressure washing your deck each year is, however, a crucial first step in a long lasting deck.

Power Washing Driveway in Cincinnati

Are you looking for a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up the appearance of your property without waiting days and days for results or spending thousands upon thousands of dollars?

Many homeowners look right past the opportunity that lies in their driveway when it comes to improving the look of their property. Power Washing your driveway can remove years of dirt and built-up grime from the surface, restoring it’s original appearance.

  • While a regular run-of-the-mill homeowners pressure washer can work to clean a driveway, it will also unnecessarily cause wear and tear on your concrete because the high pressure stream is too concentrated onto such a small area, which accelerates erosion.
  • Remember, concrete is actually a porous material and meant to actually absorb water and let it pass through, if you blast it with a high pressure stream out of a pressure washer you’re going to remove some of the surface which will roughen up the concrete considerably.
  • As professional power washing contractors we use a piece of equipment called a “surface cleaner” and it works to evenly disperse the high pressure flow of water over a much larger area (usually 12″-16″) and at a fixed height over the concrete.
  • Using a surface cleaner will eleminate the inevitable streaks that you’ll have all over your driveway from a less experienced hand. The surface cleaner also works to protect your gardens, garage doors, exterior walls and other landscape features from overspray.

Power Washing Sidewalk, Porch and Patio in Cincinnati

If you have any kind of concrete or paving around your home, from driveways to pavers to porches, power washing the concrete is the most effective and easiest way to get them clean and maintain them over time.

By maintaining the concrete and paved surfaces around your home, you maintain your home’s value, keep the area healthier for yourself and your neighbors, and make sure that the profile of the entire area is lifted. You prevent expensive repairs that would need to be completed at a later time. Overall, you save money in the future by investing it now.

  • Because of where these areas are located, they often attract grime, in the form of dirt, oil, food and beverage debris, and mold and mildew spores. Cleaning these off with regular cleaners and a garden hose is next to impossible.
  • Most of these debris types are at least a little acidic, and some of them are very acidic. Over time, leaving the materials in place will degrade the concrete, making it more vulnerable to cracks and holes. Rainwater will accumulate in these holes, which then become a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, and also leave places open for grass and other plant-life to take hold.
  • In general, only water is necessary to clean concrete surfaces. In situations where there is a great deal of grime or oil, we may decide that a biodegradable cleaner is the best way to get your concrete clean and refreshed. All of the cleaners we use are safe for plants, animals, and people.